10. Editorial Note

The Subcommittee to the United Nations Disarmament Commission held 28 meetings (22d to 49th inclusive) at Lancaster House, London, February 25–May 18, 1955. The nations represented on the subcommittee, which was established by the Disarmament Commission on April 19, 1954, were the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and the United States. For text of the resolution creating the subcommittee, see Documents on Disarmament, 1945–1959, volume I, page 413. Regarding the 1954 meetings of the subcommittee, see Foreign Relations, 1952–1954, volume I, pages 414422 and 423426.

Documentation on the London subcommittee meetings for both 1954 and 1955 is in Department of State, Central Files 330.13 and 600.0012, and ibid., Disarmament Files: Lot 58 D 133, Telegrams. A position paper prepared by the Regulation of Armaments Executive Committee, entitled Policy Guidance for United States Activities in the Disarmament Commission Subcommittee of Five at the Forthcoming London Meetings, dated February 15, 1955, is ibid., PPS Files: Lot 66 [Page 37] D 70, Atomic Energy—Armaments. The United Nations Disarmament Commission kept a Verbatim Record of all the subcommittee meetings in mimeograph form. A set for the years 1954–1956 is ibid., IO Files: Lot 70 A 6871, DC/SC.1/PV.1–86.

For texts of documents introduced into the London subcommittee meetings in 1955, see Department of State Bulletin, May 30, 1955, pages 892–900. Several of these documents are also printed in Documents on Disarmament, 1945–1959, volume I, pages 447–454. Regarding the Soviet proposals of May 10, which introduced a new dimension into subcommittee discussions, see Document 24.