532. Message From Prime Minister Mollet to President Eisenhower1

The French Government accepts the principle of non-participation of the five permanent members of the United Nations in the international force established by the United Nations. However, the Anglo-French forces could not be withdrawn before the United Nations force has been constituted and is in a position to carry out its missions. Problems concerning the definition of its missions, the [Page 1035] disposition of the forces and the reopening of the Canal could be examined by the Security Council in the course of the session which it would be holding at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

I take the liberty of insisting that the United States should give to the forces which will be provided by the small and medium sized states, the material and moral help required to enable them to carry out the mission effectively.

Guy Mollet2
  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, International File. Transmitted to USUN for Lodge in telegram 253, November 7, which is the source text. A memorandum for the files by Hagerty, which is attached to the source text, reads: ‘This message was phoned from the French Embassy after the French Ambassador presented the note to the President to William Tyler of the State Department. He called by telephone at 11:35 [p.m.] and read the English translation of the note. Secretary Hoover then presented it to the President who then called in the Vice President for a brief discussion.”
  2. Telegram 253 bears this typed signature.