167. Message From the Acting Secretary of State to Robert B. Anderson, at Cairo1

No. 10

Subject instructions received from Secretary, I suggest following points in final talk with Nasser:

Express personal keen disappointment, which you know shared by President, in negative position which yesterday’s discussions2 indicate Nasser now taking toward peace. Nasser’s statements yesterday appear be in sharp contradiction with positions taken with you not only on previous trip but in first meeting with him on present trip.3
US has attempted in its policies in many ways help Nasser in cooperation which he previously indicated he wished extend in [Page 310] achieving objectives of your mission. We regret that he finds impossible continue in this cooperative effort to achieve settlement.
Nasser muse realize risk of war in area increasing dangerously and absence of real prospects for settlement and continuation of present trends will greatly increase that risk. Climate for settlement not likely be more favorable in future. Nevertheless, since settlement is in interest of all countries in area, we hope Nasser will let us know any steps he believes can be taken in that direction.

FYI. It probable French will announce within next day or two decision to ship 12 Mysteres to Israel. While we have waived our off-shore procurement contract rights to delivery, we taking position policy decision deliver planes to Israel is one for French Government alone to make. Drafted 1930Z.

  1. Source: Department of State, NEA Files: Lot 59 D 518, Alpha—Anderson Talks w/BG & Nasser. Outgoing Telegrams—Jan.–March 1956. Secret. Repeated to Karachi for Secretary Dulles.
  2. See Document 164.
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