4. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Egypt 1

1100. FYI: We hope Turk-Iraq announcement re defense agreement will lead soon to signature treaty and plan extend appropriate encouragement. We desire minimize adverse Egyptian reaction already evident preventing setback to new cordiality between Turks and Egyptians and avoiding adoption by RCC extreme public stand from which difficult retreat in future. Our intent is foster eventual Turkish-Egyptian treaty; ideally first step would be taken during, Menderes visit in March. Conceivably Iraq-Egyptian rivalry will assist in including Egypt move forward. End FYI.

In response to any GOE inquiries Embassy Cairo in its discretion may take following line.

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We believe announcement significant step towards assuring security of area including Egypt against aggression from any quarter. We hope Turkey and Iraq win move rapidly to translate declaration into firm treaty. Nasser has specifically stated he recognizes threat could develop only from USSR. Treaty envisaged specifically designed to meet this contingency.
We aware Egyptian belief Arab states should act as bloc but think treaty described can provide more quickly and effectively for real area strength without impairing or conflicting with role of Arab League.
We note statement in communiqué re participation other states in position contribute to area strength. Egypt may wish explore with Turkey desirability taking lead this connection.
We believe would be unfortunate for Egypt adopt negative attitude towards project and counsel moderation. Opposition would have adverse effect on public attitude towards Egypt in US where strong support exists for such security arrangements. Also could embarrass GOE if Government later decided Egypt’s interests best served by similar agreement.

Embassy Ankara at its discretion should suggest Menderes may wish send appropriate message to Nasser re announcement and possibility discussing defense arrangements during, Menderes visit in March. General views given Deptel 548 to Ankara2 remain valid.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 780.5/1–1455. Secret. Drafted by Burdett and approved by Jernegan who signed for Murphy. Also sent to Ankara, repeated to Baghdad, and pouched to Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Jidda, Tel Aviv, and London.
  2. Telegram 548 to Ankara, November 11, 1954, is printed in, Foreign Relations, 1952-1954, vol. IX, Part 1, p. 557.