385. Editorial Note

On January 28, the House Committee on Government Operations released its First Report on “United States Aid Operations in Iran.” The report was the work of the Subcommittee on International Operations headed by Representative Porter Hardy, Jr., of Virginia. Department of State and international Cooperation Administration officials had cooperated with the Hardy Subcommittee investigation by agreeing to provide background information and documentation, classified or otherwise. (Memorandum from L.J. Saccio to Hollister and memorandum for the files, both April 11, 1956; Washington National Records Center, ICA Director’s Files: FRC 61 A 32, Box 309, Iran)

The report was highly critical of the United States aid and technical assistance program in Iran. (U.S. House of Representatives, 85th Congress, 1st Session, House Report No. 10, “United States Aid Operations in Iran,” January 28, 1957, pages 2–6)