130. Memorandum From Joseph J. Sisco of the International Organization Affairs Staff of the Mission at the United Nations to the Representative at the United Nations (Lodge)1


  • Membership

Attached for your information is a copy of a memorandum from Mr. Morton to Mr. Wilcox which deals with the Congressional reaction on the membership problem. You will note in particular the last paragraph, which indicates the desirability of informing certain Members of Congress at an appropriate time in the event progress is made on the membership question.

Recommended Action:

None at this time. Should developments warrant, you will wish to consider at a later date an appropriate way to inform Congressional members.2

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Memorandum From the Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations (Morton) to the Secretary of State


  • Congressional Reaction to UN Membership Package Deal

There will be a strong adverse Congressional reaction if we permit the entry of satellite nations to the UN. However, this will be offset if the package should include Spain, Ireland, and Italy. The opposition would primarily spring from members with large Catholic constituencies but the inclusion of the three European nations mentioned, especially Spain, should more than compensate.3

In any package we would attempt to get enough new votes on our side to more than offset the four Russian votes—Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Albania. The inclusion of Austria, Finland, and Portugal would have general Congressional approval. Japan would be received with less enthusiasm, but the total reaction would be favorable. There would be little enthusiasm for Nepal and the Jewish elements would oppose Jordan. There would be little reaction one way or the other to Libya, Ceylon, Laos and Cambodia.

If security considerations permit, our position on the membership problem should be given in advance to Rayburn, McCormack, Richards, Martin, Halleck, Chiperfield, Vorys, and Senators Johnson, George, Knowland and Wiley.

  1. Source: USUN Files, IO, Membership. Limited Official Use.
  2. A handwritten notation on the source text in Lodge’s hand reads: “file carefully.”
  3. The words “should more than compensate” are underlined on the source text. A memorandum of transmittal to Wadsworth, October 10, from Cook indicates, inter alia, that the underlining was done by Lodge.