9. Editorial Note

On October 23, 1956, at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Economic Policy, Clarence Randall asked all member agencies to submit specific proposals on how Soviet economic penetration could best be countered. In February 1957, Randall established the Subcommittee on Soviet Economic Penetration under the chairmanship of Forest Siefkin. The subcommittee in turn set up a working group to determine which agency proposals held the greatest promise, particularly those which provided for the participation of private industry. The working group was chaired by an official from the Department of Commerce and consisted of representatives from the Departments of State and the Treasury, the International Cooperation Administration, and an observer from the Central Intelligence Agency. (Memorandum from Charrette to Hollister, July 2, 1957; Washington National Records Center, ICA Director’s Files: FRC 61 A 32, Box 315, Finance–Investments)