25. Editorial Note

Additional documentation on the Ninth Session of the Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade is in Department of State Central Files 394.31 and 394.41 and ibid., GATT Files: Lot 59 D 563, Boxes 448–449; Lot 63 D 134, Boxes 259–270; and Lot 66 D 209, Boxes 454–458. The texts of the decisions, resolutions, declarations, waivers, and working party reports adopted by the Contracting Parties at the Ninth Session are printed in Basic Instruments and Selected Documents, Third Supplement (June 1955). The texts of both the old and revised articles of the GATT Agreement are printed in General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Present Rules and Proposed Revisions (March 1955). A summary of the session and its results is in Current Economic Developments, No. 463, March 15, 1955, pp. 1–11. Current Economic Developments was a semi-monthly classified periodical prepared by the Bureau of Economic Affairs in the Department of State for internal use as background and policy guidance. (Department of State, Current Economic Developments: Lot 70 D 467, Unclassified summaries)