12. Memorandum From the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Soviet Economic Penetration (Siefkin) to the Members of the Subcommittee1


  • Soviet Economic Penetration

Mr. Randall has asked me to advise the Subcommittee on Soviet Economic Penetration that he is in accord with its action as appears in the attached minutes.2

With respect to the recommendation that discussions be held with the Attorney General on the subject of antitrust clarification, Mr. Randall feels that this should await disposition of the CFEP Task Force report on the effect of the antitrust law on U.S. foreign activities.

Mr. Randall regards as most useful the Subcommittee action in bringing together the many measures which may be employed to increase the participation of private enterprise in meeting the special problems created by Communist economic activities in the underdeveloped areas of the free world. He has distributed copies of the report and the minutes of our meeting to all members of the Council on Foreign Economic Policy.

I will advise you of further developments.

Forest D. Siefkin
  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, ICA Director’s File: FRC 61 A 32, Box 35, Finance–Investments. Confidential. Sent to McClellan, Kalijarvi, FitzGerald, Glendinning, and Amory.
  2. Supra.