267. Memorandum on the Substance of Discussions at a Department of State–Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting, June 27, 1957, 11 a.m.1

[Here follows a list of 26 persons present, including Admiral Radford, General Twining, and General Pate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Admiral H. D. Felt, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, and General Carter B. Magruder, Deputy Chief of the Army General Staff, represented their respective services. The Department of Defense was also represented by John N. Irwin II, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. Department of State representatives included Deputy Under Secretary of State Loy W. Henderson and Counselor G. Frederick Reinhardt. The CIA was represented by Deputy Director General C. P. Cabell. S. Everett Gleason represented the National Security Council.

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[The first items discussed in the meeting were 1, “Distribution of Baghdad Pact Military Documents”, 2, “Baghdad Pact Ministerial Council Session at Karachi”, and 3, “Proposal for NATO Stockpile of Atomic Weapons”.]

4. Military Activities on the Chinese Off-shore Islands

Mr. Henderson brought up the problem of lack of information on recent military action with respect to the islands off the Chinese coast. He mentioned that Secretary Dulles had expressed concern over the lack of information at his staff meeting this morning and asked whether there are some of our own military people on the islands who can report what is going on. The State Department feels that the situation is such that almost anything could happen and that there is a real need for reports on almost an hour-to-hour basis. General Cabell reported that his agency had received a report this morning from their station out there to the effect that last night’s bombardment had been very heavy. Admiral Radford said that we had established our own military forces on Quemoy Island precisely in order to be able to obtain quick and reliable information. We need to know whether the reports coming from the off-shore islands are Chinese Nationalist reports only or whether they are confirmed by U.S. observers on the islands. He said that press inquiries here make it important that our observers on the islands anticipate insofar as possible needs in Washington for up to the minute information. He requested Admiral Burke to have the Navy send a priority message on this matter.

[Here follows discussion of items 5, “Operation Alert” and 6, “London Disarmament Talks”.]

  1. Source: Department of State, State–JCS Meetings: Lot 61 D 417. Top Secret. Drafted by W. Tapley Bennett, Special Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs.