251. Telegram From Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson to the Department of State1

1166. One hour and forty minute meeting this morning.2

I opened meeting with statement on implementation along lines para 1 and 2 Deptel 1181.3 Wang replied along usual lines with detailed presentation case of Dr. Lin Lan Ying (spelling uncertain) who departed San Francisco President Wilson January 6, 1957. Was Sylvania Electric employee. Alleged great pressure by FBI and INS, including at stop in Honolulu, persuading her not to return. On departure San Francisco thorough search including body search and taking from her all notebooks and $6,800 in travelers checks. Protested “rough handling” and asked for return personal property including notebooks and travelers checks.

Wang also made strong statement re stationing guided missiles Taiwan.4 Spoke of guided missiles being atomic weapons. Statement [Page 523] included “strong protest in name of his government” at this “act of aggression”, “hostile act and another serious provocation” proving falsity US professions peaceful intent. “US must be held responsible for all consequences this act aggression”. If US purpose is to achieve peaceful settlement good faith should be demonstrated by acts, etc. If US were not in military occupation of Taiwan reunion would have been realized long ago. China will never tolerate and certainly will liberate, etc. etc.

I replied along lines para 3 Deptel 11815 and Deptel 11936 including reaffirmation lawful administration Taiwan by GRC, mutual defense treaty with GRC and that those who had no aggressive intent had nothing to fear.

With respect Dr. Lin pointed out she had, in fact, returned in contrast the eight Americans still in Chinese prisons and those who would never return because of death under mistreatment. Cited fact she had not contacted Indian Embassy if, in fact, she felt she was being obstructed. Also strongly made point Agreed Announcement thus far no advantage but rather disadvantage to US.

Interesting to note that in today’s meeting for first time Wang consistently used terminology “Geneva Agreement” in referring Agreed Announcement and to “Geneva Talks”.

Next meeting July 11.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.93/5–1557. Confidential; Priority; Limit Distribution.
  2. This meeting, which had been scheduled for April 11, was postponed until May 15 at Chinese request. (Telegram 491 from Geneva, April 8; ibid., 611.93/4-857)
  3. Paragraphs 1 and 2 of guidance telegram 1181 to Geneva, May 11, read as follows:

    “Concentrate on continued failure Chinese Communists implement Agreed Announcement. There is no justification whatsoever for Communists to continue hold eight Americans twenty months after they promised to take measures permit them expeditiously exercise right to return. So long as promised action not taken, result can only be to deepen distrust Peiping’s pledges and render sterile present talks.

    “As further instance Communist retrogression on implementation cite Communist abandonment any pretense considering humanitarian factor, as exemplified by continued imprisonment Father Wagner, who reported seriously ill.” (Ibid., 611.93/5–1157)

  4. On May 6, the first of the Matador missiles scheduled to be deployed to Taiwan arrived at Hsinchu airfield, along with supporting equipment and an operating crew of 35 officers and men. Information on the deployment was released prematurely on May 6 by a Chinese Nationalist official in Canberra, and was confirmed by the Embassy in Taipei in a press release on the same day. (Telegram 842 to Taipei, May 6 and telegram 1104 from Taipei, May 7; ibid., 711.56393/5–557 and 711.56393/5–757, respectively)
  5. Paragraph 3 of telegram 1181 to Geneva reads:

    “If Wang attacks Matador deployment, review entirely defensive nature our collective security arrangements with RC and point out Matador being sent Taiwan by agreement with GRC as part these security arrangements. Defensive measures obviously required in situation where Communists continue pose threat of hostile action and continue reject meaningful renunciation of force.”

  6. Telegram 1193 to Geneva, May 14, provided supplementary guidance with regard to the deployment of Matador missiles to Taiwan:

    “Public policy on Matador deployment to Taiwan has been to emphasize defensive nature of move and treat weapon on same basis as any other piece standard US Air Force equipment. You should take same line, emphasizing need for US defensive arrangements in Taiwan area, but avoiding discussion of propriety this particular weapon if Wang should attempt draw you into discussing this.” (Department of State, Central Files, 611.93/5–1457)