Volumes II and III contain documentation on United States policy with regard to China from 1955 through 1957. Volume II, covering the period from January through July 1955, documents U.S. policy in the Taiwan Strait crisis and diplomatic efforts to end the crisis. Volume III includes material on the ambassadorial talks at Geneva between representatives of the United States and the People’s Republic of China between August 1955 and December 1957, as well as on U.S. relations with the Republic of China during that period.

Additional documentation concerning the ambassadorial talks at Geneva is being published in a microfiche supplement to Volume III. The supplement reproduces all of the reports on the talks sent to the Department by the U.S. representative, Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson, along with his comments, the Department’s instructions to him, and other related materials, including documents directly related to the talks which are printed in Volume III.

Other volumes scheduled for subsequent publication will contain material related to China. Compilations with a significant amount of such material will include those on U.S. national security policy, East Asian security, issues relating to United Nations membership, and U.S. economic defense policy.