795.00/4–1654: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Korea1


831. In separate but coordinated calls April 14 Swedish and Swiss Chiefs Mission presented aides-mémoire re NNSC.2 Swedish aide-mémoire states Swedes had agreed participate NNSC with expectation that within reasonable period Korean Political Conference would be held and would result termination their task. Original fear unworkability NNSC well founded. NNSC no position ensure Armistice provisions re increase military strength. In case no early peaceful settlement Korea or early dissolution NNSC, Swedes must reconsider question continued participation NNSC.

Swiss memo similar. In addition states Swiss Federal Council asking 2 parties armistice consider termination activities NNSC and raising question whether this matter should not be examined Geneva Conference.

Swiss and Swedes indicated similar representations made Peiping and that UK, French, Poles and Czechs informed.

Department officers expressed gratification efforts Swedes Swiss carry out NNSC tasks. Stated presence Swedes and Swiss North Korea deterrent greater Communist violations and resumption hostilities. U.S. prepared at appropriate occasion, particularly Geneva Conference make known real facts NNSC frustration.

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Swedish Ambassador authorized Department free hand publicity Swedish aide-mémoire. Swiss desire no publicity aide-mémoire.

Swedes and Swiss said best channels U.S. consultation with them Geneva would be Swedish Minister Bern and U.S. Embassy Bern respectively.

Aides-mémoire and memo conversation being airpouched.

  1. This telegram, which was drafted by Treumann and cleared by Young, was repeated to Tokyo as telegram 2294 with instructions to pass to CINCUNC, to Bern as telegram 1260, and to Stockholm as telegram 794.
  2. A report of these meetings can be found in a memorandum of conversation by Allen, Apr. 14, 1954, not printed. Attached to this memorandum are the aides-mémoire. (795.00/4–1454)