795.00/12–1253: Telegram

The Representative for the Korean Political Conference (Dean) to the Department of State1


168. Repeated information Seoul, Tokyo, CINCUNC, New Delhi, Department of Defense unnumbered.

At end uninterrupted 5-hour and 45 minutes meeting today from 1100 hours to 1645 hours, I finally walked out after Huang, Chinese delegate, refused withdraw repeated charges of perfidy against United [Page 1656] States after my repeated requests to do so or I would consider it notification to us they were proposing indefinite recess.

Last interchange between us went as follows:

Mr. Dean: “I have a statement to make.

“Your remarks today were so calculatedly rude, arrogant and insulting and you accused my government of perfidy which you know to be untrue and your remarks were made with such a complete lack of responsibility for the truth and the facts that I can only interpret your remarks as notifying us that you wish these talks to recess indefinitely. I can place no other interpretation on your actions. You have charged my government with perfidy. You know the charge to be untrue. Unless the charge is withdrawn, I shall treat it as a notice to me that you wish these talks to recess indefinitely.”

Mr. Huang Hua: “The position of our side is very clear. Since your side has violated the terms of reference signed by your side, it is a perfidy. Can you deny this? Do you want to break up the discussions? If you dare to bear the responsibility of breaking off the talks between the two sides, I propose to recess until Monday.”3

Mr. Dean: “Your charges are untrue. I therefore treat it as a notification that you wish these talks recessed indefinitely.”

During previous 2 hours and 45 minutes we listened to increasing tempo of rude, arrogant intemperance and increasingly insulting abuse not against me which doesn’t bother me in the slightest but against the Government of the United States for “plot”, “treacherous designs” and “perfidious actions”. He was reading from typewritten papers so it was calculated browbeating and intentional insult which could not be ignored. Specifically accused Government of USA conniving with Rhee to release 27,000 prisoners after General Harrison had signed terms of reference in June. If we had merely accepted recess felt our negotiating position would have become intolerable, if, indeed, not impossible and with considerable reluctance finally made the move I did. Am very sorry not to continue meetings but tempo of build-up has been increasing to crescendo and am sure was planned insult. Ki opened meeting on this note of questioning my authority but not with much tone. After I finished carefully reasoned statements on agenda and secretariat and stating my authority to represent ROK if they could represent USSR, Huang began tirade against me for not representing all 17 and for possibility we would carry out perfidious acts at Political Conference and in effect challenged my authority. After I replied by denying his allegations and refuting his rudeness and replying very reasonably, I proposed a recess until Monday.

Huang rudely refused the recess and went through long vicious harangue with increasing tempo of questions regarding my authority. I answered most of his questions on voting procedures in calm reasoned [Page 1657] way for 2 hours and 45 minutes and calmly ignored his vilification. He increasingly jeered at my answers and then he became more and more insulting, arrogant and rude in tone and manner. He finally said I had not answered satisfactorily, ridiculed our voting procedures as designed to permit ROKs to wreck conference as they did armistice and finally said he would continue such questions later since my answers were not correct and proposed recess until Monday. I countered by saying his statements were untrue and did he want indefinite recess. He replied and each time he again accused us of violating armistice and perfidy and conniving with Rhee intentionally to release prisoners in violation our agreement. After much consideration and some reflecting finally concluded boded ill for our negotiations for a representative of USA and of 17 free nations to take such bullying, intentionally rude statements and charges of perfidy from a Chinese Communist which were very carefully prepared. Honestly did not see how we could continue negotiations Monday unless he withdrew his assertions. Ki took no part in this at all.

Would have to recess and to make over-all statement Monday before leaving but believe it would have been impossible for our future relations in light of his exceptionally rude tone and obviously arrogant manner today. Talks therefore are recessed indefinitely unless his charges are withdrawn. Regret not carrying out instructions and took action only after most careful reflection on ultimate results.

  1. This telegram was repeated to Paris for Dulles who was attending the NATO Ministerial meetings.
  2. There was no time of transmission indicated on this telegram, which was received at the Department of State at 12:43 p.m., Dec. 12.
  3. Dec. 14.