Matthews files, lot 53 D 413: Telegram

The Commander in Chief, United Nations Command (Clark) to the Senior Delegate, United Nations Command Delegation (Harrison)1

top secret

CX 62257. Ref: ZX 36463 (HNU 5–6).2 Sgd Clark.

From the records of today’s meeting covered in ref msg it is possible that the Communists are attempting to entangle us in the mass of details of custodial arrangements in order to prolong the negotiations or to place the UNC in the psn of having acpt their proposal as a basis of discussion. However, it appears to me that the Communists are showing interest and I believe that they are entitled broad ans to their ques.
In the conduct of the next meeting I desire that you prov, in a very gen manner, ans to the Communist ques along the fol lines without being drawn into discussion of details.
That it is our concept that the neutral state will have full control of the scty and admin of all PW placed in their hands.
That it is impossible to go into greater details on these ques until a neutral state has been agreed upon and we become acquainted with both their capabilities and their desires in these matters. These details must be worked out in terms of ref on which both sides will agree and which will be submitted to the neutral state for its consideration.
That the assumption of control of the PW in Korea will not place an excessive burden on the neutral state because we propose that the Korean non-repatriate PW be released to a civ status immediately upon the signing of an armistice, and will then be free to return to the location of their choice under the prov of Article 59 of the draft armistice agreement.
If aprop suggest you close out the meeting with a remark along the fol lines: I assume from your remarks yesterday that you agree with us that Pakistan is a sat neutral state to take cust of the non-repatriated PW. If that is correct, I am prep to discuss the other matters with you, if not, I propose we adjourn.
  1. This telegram was repeated to the JCS for their information.
  2. Not printed (Matthews files, lot 53 D 413).