Matthews files, lot 53 D 413: Telegram

The Department of the Army to the Commander in Chief Far East (Clark)

top secret
operational immediate

DA 938041. From G–3 for CINCUNC. JCS have directed dispatch of the following:

Part I. Reur C 62180,1 para 2 of CX 62150,2 CX 622143 and CX 62221.4

1. As stated in JCS 9380035 UNC should continue to insist on settlement of question of neutral state prior to proceeding to other questions.

2. In addition to Sweden and Switzerland, Pakistan would be acceptable as the neutral state. Any Asian state other than Pakistan would be acceptable only if associated with Switzerland or Sweden, the two states acting together to carry out the functions assigned the neutral [Page 963] state. We would prefer Pakistan to combination of any other Asian state with Switzerland or Sweden.

3. In view of foregoing suggest at next meeting of delegations Communists be asked whether they are prepared to accept any one of the states named by them at the 2 May meeting, that is, are the Communists prepared to accept a nomination by the UNC of one of the four states named. If an affirmative answer can be elicited, you should immediately nominate Pakistan. If an affirmative answer cannot be elicited you should continue to insist that Communists make their nomination. If Communists nominate state other than Pakistan, UNC should propose prompt agreement upon the basis of acceptance by each side of the other’s nomination, that is, association of state nominated by the Communists with Switzerland or Sweden, the two states acting together to carry out the functions assigned to the neutral state. In supporting association of the Asian state with Switzerland or Sweden you should carefully avoid impugning the integrity of any such state, basing any necessary argument primarily upon the reasonableness of the UNC position of agreeing to the Communist nominee as well as upon giving the Communists a choice between the two states nominated by the UNC. Question is not the ability or integrity of any Asian state to carry out function alone but simply that two states acting together are in a better position to assure that interests of all parties are fully protected.

Part II. Re para 7 of CX 62150.

4. No consideration should be given to physical movement of nonrepatriates to the neutral state, and you should continue to be guided by para 3b of JCS 9372056 in this regard. If agreement reached that some other state and Switzerland or Sweden should jointly exercise responsibilities of neutral state, physical movement of non-repatriates from Korea is clearly impracticable and question should be capable of ready resolution upon basis of custody being taken within Korea.

5. You are authorized if absolutely necessary and as a final position to agree to a period of access of four months and para 3c (1) of JCS 937205 is amended accordingly.

Part III.

6. Although Communist recognition that some of the POWs held by the UNC do not in fact desire repatriation is significant, we are concerned by Communist negotiating tactics thus far in negotiations. As indicated in JCS 937205 the US will not countenance prolonged and inconclusive negotiations. This fact should continue to be made clear to the Communists. If within the next few days the Communists do not indicate a more favorable negotiating attitude or if they reaffirm their [Page 964] stated objective set forth in paras 3 a, b, and c of ZX 36413,7 we are prepared to consider your recommendations for bringing matters to a head.

  1. In this telegram, dated Apr. 30, Clark requested from the JCS a list of acceptable and unacceptable nations for the role of neutral state. (Matthews files, lot 53 D 413)
  2. Dated Apr. 29, p. 952.
  3. In this telegram, dated May 2, Clark requested a modification of his basic instructions so that he could nominate, at the time of his choosing, India and/or Pakistan as the neutral state. (Matthews files, lot 53 D 413)
  4. In this telegram, dated May 2, Clark further requested permission to include Indonesia and/or Burma as potential UNC nominees for the neutral state. (Matthews files, lot 53 D413)
  5. For text, see footnote 5 p. 960.
  6. Dated Apr. 22, p. 923.
  7. In this telegram, dated Apr. 29, Clark transmitted the record of the discussion at the Apr. 28 session at Panmunjom. In the paragraphs specifically cited, the Communist Delegate reiterated that both sides should repatriate all prisoners, and that the use of the neutral state was in effect a two-stage repatriation process. (Matthews files, lot 53 D 413)