320/11–2652: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Department of State


Delga 274. Limited distribution. Re Korea. Following is report of mtg, Nov 26, 11 a.m., with Secy State, Gross, Lloyd, and Pearson.

Lloyd and Pearson advised Secy they had talked separately to Menon on basis of changes in para 17 read by Lloyd to Gross last night (reported Delga 273, 11/26/52).1 This a.m., after Gross talked to Lloyd, latter had read to Menon following text: “If at the end of a further 30 days there are any POWs whose return to their homelands has not been effected under the above procedures or whose future has not been provided for by the political conference, the responsibility for their care and maintenance and for their subsequent disposition shall be transferred to the UN, which in all matters relating to them shall act in accordance with the principles of this res and international law.” Menon objected to insertion of words “principles of this res”. He did not question omission of clause re detention although Lloyd felt this might have been an inadvertent acquiesence. Secy repeated objections to this clause. As to phrase “principles of this res”, Secy said he did not like the whole final clause, but wld not make this a breaking point with Menon.

Pearson urged consideration of shorter alternative formulation, also read to Gross by Lloyd last night, which wld provide “responsibility for them”, rather than responsibility “for care and disposition”, wld be transferred to UN. Secy objected to this alternative, pointing out the necessity for “balancing” the word “disposition” in the first sentence of para 17 by a clear statement in the second sentence that UN wld have responsibility for disposition if after 30 days political conference came to no final results.

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Lloyd and Pearson agreed to urge upon Menon acceptance of the longer version quoted above but with the omission of words “the principles of this res and”.

There was agreement that Menon shld be pressed to move quickly and that comite shld vote as soon as possible. Pearson thought this particularly important because Menon appears to have reason to believe that ChiComs will very soon publicly take same position on Ind res as Sov Govt. (This info Menon gave Gross last night, as reported.)

Pearson, Lloyd, and Secy also agreed that we shld discourage all our friends from submitting amendments and it was hoped Jamali (Iraq) cld be persuaded to withdraw his amendment. Secy said we wld talk to LAs.