Memorandum by the Secretary of State to the Under Secretary of State (Bruce)1

top secret

Pearson telephoned Secretary tonight to congratulate him on Committee One speech.2 Pearson then set forth idea that cease-fire in Korea should be sought after UN resolution tabled today by U.S. has been transmitted to Commies and is under consideration by them. Secretary said this would, he thought, be extremely difficult, and mentioned, in particular, adverse effect on Air Force operations. Secretary said he would, however, mention idea to Lovett and others and let Pearson know U.S. reaction. Secretary wishes this be mentioned only on need-to-know basis. He believes idea is dangerous and impractical, but that U.S. is obligated to give formal consideration and reply.

Dean Acheson
  1. The following note appeared on the source text: “Answer to D[ean] A[cheson] on Monday [October 27]. Ask Lovett & Bradley.” The note was not initialed and the author is unidentified. For the answer, see the letter from Matthews to the Secretary, infra.
  2. The reference is to Acheson’s speech on Oct. 24, 1952; see the editorial note, supra.