795.00/7—2352: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Holmes) to the Department of State

top secret

426. Rptd info Delhi 14. Embtel 332,1 July 17, rptd Delhi 13. Fol reported by UKHC Delhi in tel dated 22nd.

Kaul reported he had seen Chang Han-fu, expressing disappointment his govt over turn of events which had caused it considerable embarrassment; nevertheless, GOI willing continue good offices if required.
Chang in reply expressed CPG appreciation GOI efforts and stated CPG wished retain its contacts with GOI this question. Chang made it clear, however, CPG would insist repatriation all Chi POWs and screening of whatever nature unacceptable. Chang abused UNC violently re Yalu bombing and more recent air attacks, but characterized these actions as “19th century gun boat tactics” which would have no effect whatever on Chi and North Koreans.
In circumstances, Nehru believes it would be useless make further approach this subj for present.
  1. This telegram contained: 1) a message from Eden through the UKHC to Nehru expressing concern that the People’s Republic of China refused to pursue the Chou proposal; 2) the Indian response to Eden’s message; and 3) speculation by Indian and British diplomats as to the effect the Yalu bombing had on the Chinese attitude (795.00/7–1752).