795.00/7—2652: Telegram

The Department of the Army to the Commander in Chief Far East (Clark)

top secret

DA 913958. From G–3 signed Jenkins.1 In further discussions here of plans to resolve POW issue suggestion has been made that UNC suspend release of CIs and increase number of persons to be repatriated by balance of CIs still in UNC custody. New total figure would then more closely aprx round number desired by Communists, and might provide face-saving device for them. Upon coming into effect of armistice, CIs could be released to return directly to their homes under principle already accepted by Communists for POWs whose homes are in UNC territory.

G–3 has been asked to request your comments.2

  1. Maj. Gen. Reuben E. Jenkins, U.S. Army, Assistant Chief of Staff, G–3.
  2. For Clark’s comments, see C 52204, infra.