320/1–1952: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation at the United Nations General Assembly


Gadel 777. Adjournment GA and Kor. Delgas 1042, 1071, 1099, 1110.1

FYI situation re armis negots as fols. Negots seriously deadlocked over two important issues (airfields, POWs). Differences re other matters not yet considered may produce further disagreement and prolong [Page 28] discussions. Even if deadlock broken there will remain task reducing points to formal written agreement. Foregoing leads to conclusion negots will in all probability continue beyond date when other GA business completed, and it wld be sheer guesswork to fix a date for their conclusion. End FYI.
We believe it is clear GA shld in no circumstances sit around in Paris waiting to consider Kor item. In our view it is highly desirable adjourn GA as speedily as possible.
Your understanding Dept’s position on handling Kor item correct. Delga 1071. Dept agrees if polit and mil aspects postponed consideration Kor relief item shld also be delayed.
In adjourning GA Paris, you shld make it clear US favors reconvening NY as soon as time ripe for consideration Kor item. Dept does not have strong preference special session or split session and agrees decision shld be determined on basis consultations, but on balance we lean somewhat towards special session. In discussing this question, you may wish keep in mind, in addition to arguments reftel, Fr Govt invited 6th session GA to Paris on condition its entire session wld be there (UN Doc A/1788/Rev. 1, Mar 19, 1951), although we believe our commitment to Fr has been met since there will have been full session in Paris. In any event, we are definitely opposed any move reconvene in Paris.
Separate tel2 re agenda 3rd Comite, Delga 1042, follows.
Draft res, Delga 1110, acceptable.3
  1. In Delgas 1042, 1071, 1099, and 1110, dated Jan. 16, 17, 18, and 19, respectively, the U.S. Delegation primarily reported upon tactics for adjournment of the General Assembly and postponement of discussion of Korea; none printed (320/1–1552 to 320/1–1952). See also footnote 3 below.
  2. Not printed.
  3. In Delga 1110, the delegation asked for the comments of the Department of State on the texts of two similar alternate resolutions on convening a special session of the UN General Assembly in New York upon conclusion of the armistice and requesting the Negotiating Committee for Extra-Budgetary Funds to undertake negotiations for voluntary contributions to the program of UNKRA for the relief and rehabilitation of Korea. This resolution, combining elements of both drafts, was passed overwhelmingly by the Assembly on Feb. 5, 1952; see UN document A/PV.375. For text of the resolution, see American Foreign Policy, 1950–1955: Basic Documents, vol. ii, pp. 2643–2644.