794.5 MSP/3–954: Telegram

No. 746
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Japan

2006. Your 2172.1 McClurkin’s comment was in response question which implied agreement reached on $100 million military assistance over next three months.

Transcript reads: “There is target figure we talked about as long ago as time Ikeda here last October for offshore procurement in Japan during this US fiscal year. That target figure is $100 million. It not commitment but what we think will probably be spent there. Actually I expect it may be little more rather than less. I think use of figures caused confusion. This Agreement like any other Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement—and there are lots of them—simply states terms and conditions under which military assistance will be provided. It does not specify and is not meant to any specific amount or type assistance. That remains to be worked out between experts both sides.”

Correcting item will be included Wireless Bulletin.