794.5 MSP/3–954: Telegram

No. 745
The Ambassador in Japan (Allison) to the Department of State

2172. McClurkin quoted in USIA Wireless Bulletin March 8 as stating “report that $100 million would be spent in next three months is not correct.” This statement conflicts with Embassy understanding that expenditure of $100 million for procurement in Japan this fiscal year still possible. At briefing of American press prior MDA signing and in Department-approved letter to Foreign Office1 Waring stated that procurement might reach this total, subject considerations of price, quality and delivery dates. Request clarification McClurkin’s statement. Meanwhile, in response to local inquiries propose state that Embassy believes 100 million [Page 1617] total still possible and McClurkin statement subject to clarification when studied in context.

  1. Not found in Department of State files.