No. 739
Memorandum by the Acting Director of the Office of Northeast Asian Affairs (McClurkin) to the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs (Robertson)



  • Meeting by Ambassador Allison with Officers of the Department of Defense

On February 18 Ambassador Allison addressed a large group of military and civilian personnel in the Department of Defense who are interested in Japanese affairs. The following general officers were present: Lt. Gen. Walter Weible, Deputy Chief of Staff (Army); Lt. Gen. G.H. Decker, Comptroller (Army); Maj. Gen. A.P. Fox, Office of JCS; Maj. Gen. R.F. Tate, Office of JCS; Rear Adm. W.F. Boone, Office of JCS; Brig. Gen. B. Hamlett, Office Chief of Staff (Army); Brig. Gen. J.M. Willems, G–2; Brig. Gen. Mark McClure, G–2.

Ambassador Allison described the current status of Japanese defense plans and the difficulties which they face. He stressed the fact that the present Government had crossed a major stream in the presentation of current defense plans to the Japanese Diet and in recommending a change, in the assigned mission of the Japanese forces. He pointed out that while the steps which the Japanese were taking were slower than we would like, and there was every reason to maintain a continued pressure upon the Japanese in private interviews with Japanese leaders, it could he adverse to our interests publicly to criticize the pace of their rearmament.

Ambassador Allison’s talk was well received and should prove useful in our continuing dealings with the Department of Defense.

In a conversation with the general officers enumerated above following his talk, Ambassador Allison pointed out that any increase in the United States forces in Japan above the 2 1/3 divisions now there could create serious political difficulties.