No. 579
Editorial Note

The text of NSC 125/1, “United States Objectives and Courses of Action With Respect to Japan”, July 18, is identical to the text of NSC 125/2, August 7, except for paragraphs 7.c.(11) and 7.c.(12). For NSC 125/2, see Document 588. Paragraphs 7.c.(11) and 7.c.(12) of NSC 125/1 read:

  • “(11) Continue the understanding with the Japanese Government that it will maintain substantially its present export controls as part of its support of United Nations action in Korea, and that those controls will be maintained as long as there is Communist aggression in the Far East and while the United Nations is taking action against such aggression. In any event this understanding should be continued until a multilateral agreement has been reached as provided in paragraph (12) below.
  • “(12) Export controls to be maintained in the post-aggression period should be determined through agreement reached by immediate negotiation among the free nations principally interested in trade with the Far East areas of the Soviet bloc. [The United States should, in cooperation with Japan, the UK, France and Canada seek to establish a multilateral organization for consideration of Far Eastern economic defense measures. This organization should be expanded to include other countries having significant interest in the security problems of the Far East.]”

A footnote in the source text identifies the sentences in brackets as a “Defense-DMS-Commerce proposal.” (S/SNSC files, lot 63 D 351, NSC 125 Series)