FE files, lot 55 D 388, “Formosa Book”: Telegram

No. 90
The Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Commander in Chief Pacific (Radford)

top secret

JCS 935782. From JCS.

This dir supersedes dir contained in para 6 of JCS 92666, Jan 52.1 Ur responsibilites with respect to Formosa and Pescadores will be as set forth below:
Mission: In addn to missions outlined in Unified Cmd Plan, you will, in coordination with Armed Forces of Nat Govt of Republic of China (NGRC) defend Formosa and Pescadores against invasion or attack.
Opnal Instructions:
You are authorized to:
Conduct aerial reconnaissance of coastal areas of China.
Base on Formosa, United States patrol and reconnaissance aircraft and establish thereon nec communications, maintenance and supply facilities essential to meet opnal requirements these aircraft.
Use anchorages in Formosa and Pescadores.
Prepare base combat aircraft to extent three or more jet [squad]rons on Formosa and Pescadores; such preparations will include establishment now of communications, maintenance and supply facilities including prestockage, essential to meet opnal requirements these aircraft.
Station on Formosa and Pescadores United States security psnl required to maintain only internal security of bases authorized herein.
Coordinate with NGRC plans prepared in connection with para 2 and subpara 4b this msg. In coordinating plans for offensive use of ChiNat forces prepared in connection subpara 4b, no commitments shld be made to NGRC.
Conduct informal discussions with NGRC on subj of cmd relationships with view obtaining at least tacit agreement to United States cmd of combined forces in an emergency.
Conduct combined tng with NGRC forces.
Except as authorized by subpara 3a (5) above, United States Air and Naval forces only may be employed in accomplishment this mission.
Combat aircraft, other than patrol and reconnaissance aircraft, will not be based on Formosa or Pescadores without prior authy of JCS, unless in ur judgment delay occasioned by requesting JCS authy would jeopardize successful accomplishment ur mission. In such case, action being taken will be reported immedly to JCS.
In event air or sea attacks against United States forces such forces will take immed and aggressive measures in self-defense but retaliatory action against targets on Chi mainland will be taken only with approval of JCS. Fact[s] concerning such attack and CINCPAC’s recommended retaliatory action, if any, will be reported by CINCPAC to JCS.
United States forces will participate in def other ChiNat-held islands only in event Formosa or Pescadores are also attacked.
General Instructions:
Northern limits of coastal areas of China to be reconnoitered by CINCPAC will be as agreed upon by CINCPAC and CINCFE.
NGRC may be informed of ur preparations to base combat aircraft on Formosa or Pescadores and circumstances under which such action may be taken; however, you will avoid a firm commitment re this.
In implementation instructions herein, Chi Nat facilities and psnl will be utilized to max.
CINCPAC plng responsibilities: You will expedite development of plans for folg course of action:
Mil action against selected targets held by Commie China outside Korea (plng to be in coordination with CINCFE and where appropriate CGSAC).
Participation defensively or offensively of ChiNat forces and nec opnal assistance to make them effective.
Max support to CINCFE during withdrawal from Korea shld such action be required.
In conjunction with above ur directive in JCS 92847, Jun 51,2 to develop plans for imposing blockade of China Coast remains in effect.
Instructions re implementation of appropriate portions this dir are being fwdd by separate msg.3
  1. See footnote 2, Document 79.
  2. JCS telegram 92847 to CINCPAC, June 1, 1951, directed CINCPAC to develop contingency plans for a naval blockade of the China coast. (793.00/6–151)
  3. Infra.