793B.11/9–1052: Telegram

No. 49
The Consul at Calcutta (Soulen) to the Department of State 1

top secret

79. Re Dept A–81 Aug 6 sent New Delhi copies to London, Calcutta;2 New Delhi desp 506 Aug 203 and Contel sent Dept 78 New Delhi 219 London 10 sent 10th.4

I contacted while in Darjeeling Sept 6 Gyalo Thondup. He obtaining some current Tib info from merchant friends and claims Dalai Lama’s power influence over people increasing but many officials unreliable. Tib food situation poor, govt has distributed to people two-thirds its total grain reserves and DL has reduced taxes and plans despite nobles resistance distribute landlords large holdings to people beating Commies at own game.

. . . . . . .

  1. Repeated for information to New Delhi and London.
  2. Airgram 81 to New Delhi gave instructions concerning possible contacts with the Dalai Lama’s brother Gyalo Thondup, who had recently arrived in India from Tibet. It stated that neither Gyalo nor his wife was aware of the full U.S. interest in Tibet and that when the opportunity arose, they should be cautioned against linking themselves or Tibet with the United States. (793B.11/8–652)
  3. Despatch 506 from New Delhi recommended against using Gyalo as a source of background information, stating that it would be almost impossible to communicate with him in Calcutta or Darjeeling without arousing comment. (793B.11/8–2052)
  4. Telegram 78 from Calcutta reported information concerning Tibet which Soulen had learned during a trip to Sikkim. It stated that the Chinese were slowly consolidating their control of Tibet but that the Tibetans were restive, and the Dalai Lama’s influence among the people was reportedly increasing. (893B.00/9–1052)