611.95A241/12–1154: Telegram

No. 437
The United States Representative at the United Nations (Lodge) to the Department of State


Delga 373. Re US fliers held by Red China. Wednesday1 noon SYG Hammarskjold called to inform me that he planned send cable to Chou En-lai immediately after resolution on fliers was passed, asking him when it would be convenient after Dec 26 for SYG to call on him in Peking.

Yesterday SYG brought up this subject again, saying he thought it might be desirable obtain Nehru’s views on SYG’s proposed trip Peking. I indicated strong view that there was no need consult Nehru who would probably advise against such trip.

SYG then suggested it might be advisable for him be accompanied on his trip by Dayal, former Permanent Representative of India at UN and presently ambassador in Belgrade. I said this was question SYG would have to decide for himself. Important thing remained that he make the trip.

SYG met again with me and Nutting (UK) subsequent to adoption of resolution to inform us he plans, in addition to cabling idea expressed above, to send separate message to Chou suggesting that ChiCom Ambassador Stockholm would be good confidential contact if such is desirable.2 SYG intends be in Stockholm December 19 and 20 and could see ChiCom ambassador then.

I told Hammarskjold I felt it was important when he saw Chou that he carry as much prestige as possible and to this end he should not “water down” his approach by too many advance contacts. However, if he felt that Chou would be put less on spot by additional confidential contact, there should be no objection to that.

SYG later informed me he had told Malik3 (USSR) of “action taken” i.e., dispatch of cable to Chou. SYG told me he had done this in attempt ward off attacks on office of SYG and in hope it [Page 1017] might facilitate matters in Peking. Malik, according to SYG, “in his shrewd way, conveyed an impression of approval.”

  1. Dec. 8.
  2. The text of Hammarskjold’s Dec. 10 cable to Chou proposing that he visit Peking soon after Dec. 26 is printed in Public Papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations, vol. II: Dag Hammarskjöld, 1953–1956, selected and edited with commentary by Andrew W. Cordier and Wilder Foote (New York, Columbia University Press, 1972), p. 422. The second cable, if sent, was not made public.
  3. Yakov A. Malik, Soviet Representative at the Ninth Session of the General Assembly.