No. 4
Editorial Note

On January 26, the Chinese Representative at the United Nations, Tingfu F. Tsiang, submitted to the First Committee of the General Assembly a draft resolution (a revision of a draft resolution originally proposed by China at the Fourth Session of the General Assembly in 1949) whereby the General Assembly would determine that the Soviet Union had “violated” the Sino-Soviet Treaty of August 14, 1945. On January 29, the First Committee adopted the draft resolution, as modified by a Thai amendment which substituted the words “failed to carry out” for the word “violated”; for the Committee’s report, see UN document A/2098. On February 1, the General Assembly adopted the resolution submitted by the First Committee by 25 votes to 9, with 24 abstentions, as Resolution 505 (VI); for text, see UN document A/2119, page 4. The text of a statement made in the First Committee on January 28 by United States Delegate John Sherman Cooper in support of the resolution is printed in Department of State Bulletin, February 11, 1952, [Page 4]pages 219–224. For previous documentation relating to the resolution, see Foreign Relations, 1949, volume II, pages 144233, and ibid., 1951, volume VII, Part 2, page 1851.