110.11 DU/9–754: Telegram

No. 282
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Republic of China1

top secret

14. Eyes only Rankin from Secretary. Although schedule here still uncertain, I am thinking tentatively of arriving Taipei Thursday, September 9, for lunch and departing for Tokyo late afternoon with total party perhaps of dozen. Urgent developments Europe and Washington require my soonest return and you should explain this reason for such brief visit.

I have brief personal message from Generalissimo transmitted by Minister Chow dated September 4, simply extending hearty welcome. You should inform Generalissimo I have message and look forward with equal pleasure meeting with him.

FYI we exploring here with Navy necessity and desirability fighter plane protection and would like have your comment.

FYI I undertaking this visit as morale and courtesy gesture only and not prepared transact business. Decision re Quemoy is now in hands Defense Department Washington and current thinking negative although final decision not yet reached. Generalissimo should not be allowed think I bring answer to or can control that final decision.

  1. Repeated for information to the Department as Dulte 12, which is the source text.