396.1 MA/9–554: Telegram

No. 277
The Ambassador in the Republic of China (Rankin) to the Department of State 1


153. Latest reports indicate continuing Communist build up Amoy area which suggests capability early attack on Big or Little Kinmen or both. After initial five hours heavy bombardment, Communists have directed considerable harassing fire at Kinmen. GRC casualties in first bombardment included about 30 killed.

With US concurrence, three DDs of Chinese Navy and aircraft of Chinese Air Force will undertake attacks against nearby targets on mainland.

Although Chinese have requested no assistance from Seventh Fleet in present case, I beleive US Commanders should have full authority immediately to give any necessary support in defense of Kinmen (Quemoy), Matsu, Nan-je and Tachen Islands.

  1. Also sent to Manila for the U.S. Delegation.