611.00/9–454: Telegram

No. 274
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Philippines

top secret

Tedul 10. Summary No. 4 (Developments not covered Manila traffic).


Quemoy-Acting Secretary Anderson has advised, following message received from General Chase, Taipei,1 that it is very possible we shall be asked by ChiNat for concurrence in what they do in defense Quemoy. Murphy replied was difficult concur in undefined [Page 561] proposition and that it would be necessary to await the exact text of ChiNat request. Secretary Anderson has spoken with President and mentioned messages from Stump suggesting we concur in Chinese defense of Quemoy even if this involved some form of attack on the Red Chinese positions on the mainland.2 Murphy reiterated to Anderson our understanding with Defense last evening that if we stated concurrence or non-objection of action, there should be a specification of that form of action. General Smith advised Secretary Anderson this morning that we had no objections to the Chi-Nat’s acting against the mainland in so far as that action was directly connected with the defense of Quemoy Island.3 Smith believes that the ChiNat’s commitment to refrain from action against the mainland without consultation with us applies to their initiating of action and not to measures taken in legitimate self-defense. Smith expects talk with President re action recommended under Dulte 4.4 We are discreetly endeavoring to ascertain whereabouts Minority and Majority leaders.

[Here follows the rest of the telegram concerning unrelated matters.]

  1. Telegram 031150Z (MG 8074) from Chief MAAG Formosa to CINCPAC, Sept. 3; an extract is quoted in Stryker’s memorandum to Martin, Document 301. Telegram 031400Z (MG 8076) from Chief MAAG Formosa to CINCPAC, of the same date, stated that the Chinese Defense Ministry had made the request indicated in the earlier telegram. (Department of Defense files)
  2. Telegram 031949Z from CINCPAC to Chief of Naval Operations, Sept. 3; an extract is quoted in the memorandum cited in footnote 1 above.
  3. Instructions were sent to Stump in telegram 041633Z from Chief of Naval Operations to Commander, U.S. Forces in the Philippines, Sept. 4; an extract is quoted in the memorandum cited in footnote 1 above.
  4. Dulte 4 from Manila, Sept. 4, reported that Dulles had talked to Senator Mansfield, who was inclined to support General Ridgway’s position but recommended that the President should call the four Congressional leaders to Denver for consultation; he believed Congress would back the leaders’ joint position. (793.5/9–454) Tedul 20 to Manila, Sept. 6, stated that Smith planned to tell the President of Mansfield’s suggestion as soon as Department of Defense recommendations were clarified. (793.5/9–454)