310.2/7–3054: Telegram

No. 246
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


402. Your 359.2 Notwithstanding your 3973 Department concerned possibility French may be considering recognition Communist China. USUN shares this concern Usun 75.4 Department concurs [Page 514] USUN belief representations should be made French Government in strong terms to withhold recognition and continue oppose seating in UN.

You should seek early appropriate opportunity inform French Government United States earnestly hopes it will continue non-recognition Communist China and support Chinese Nationalist Government in UN and elsewhere. United States position stems from fact Communist China is aggressor and acts in violation all standards international conduct. Any increased diplomatic acceptance of Communist China would directly serve Communist purposes. Anti-Communist forces in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam faced with difficult future in view Communist penetration already present those areas would undoubtedly be weakened by French recognition Communist China. Important overseas Chinese communities Southeast Asia, already targets large-scale Communist propaganda, would be adversely affected. Thailand, Philippines, Republic of China among free world’s best friends in Far East, would be dealt severe blow and Communist elements Burma, Indonesia strengthened and emboldened. Result would be important damage French and free nations Far East and gain for Communist orbit all over the world.

Mention might be made adverse effect on United States public opinion as to France. You may wish remark United States Government has no reason believe French Government has any intention departing from firm position it has consistently and usefully maintained on this issue since 1950. However, these views are set forth to insure that our understanding on this important matter remains complete.5

  1. Repeated for information to the U.S. Mission at the United Nations as 67.
  2. Telegram 359 from Paris, July 26, reported the view of the Nationalist Chinese Chargé in Paris that French recognition of Communist China was imminent and that only U.S. persuasion could forestall it. (751G.00/7–2654)
  3. Telegram 397 from Paris, July 28, reported that, according to the Chief of the Far East Branch of the French Foreign Ministry, French recognition of Communist China was not in prospect. (751G.00/7–2854)
  4. Dated July 23, not printed. (751G.00/7–2354)
  5. Telegrams 456 and 463 from Paris, Aug. 2 and 3, reported conversations with French Foreign Ministry officials who stated that the French Government was not at that time considering recognition of the People’s Republic of China. (793.02/8–254 and 793.02/8–354)