790B.5/12–1953: Telegram

No. 161
The Ambassador in the Republic of China (Rankin) to the Department of State


358. Re Department’s 501.1 Foreign Minister yesterday handed me draft Chinese-American security pact2 with following comments:

Text is based on ANZUS, Philippine and Korean pacts.
Chinese would like include reference to Communism as in preamble but probably would not insist.
Article on military bases in Korean pact is omitted, not because Chinese would object in any way but prefer proposal should come from US.
Chinese Government would welcome US comments on draft which transmitted in immediately following telegram.

  1. This telegram replied to telegram 311 from Taipei, Nov. 30, which reported that the Chinese Foreign Ministry had prepared a draft Sino-American security pact and asked if the Department wished Rankin to obtain a copy discreetly. (795B.5/11–3053) Telegram 501 to Taipei, Dec. 4, replied that the Department was interested in receiving the draft if the Chinese should voluntarily offer it. (795B.5/11–3053)
  2. The text of the Chinese draft was sent to the Department in telegram 359 of Dec. 19. The key article provided that each party would regard an attack in the Pacific area on either party “in territories which are now or may hereafter be under its control” as an attack on both parties. (790B.5/12–1953)