795.00/6–2453: Telegram

No. 114
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Republic of China 1

top secret
priority niact

1077. Eyes only Rankin from Secretary. In view G’mo’s apparent backing of Rhee 2 you should quickly in your own words informally and in highest secrecy let G’mo know that Rhee’s attempt to force US troops to fight indefinitely in Korea at Rhee’s behest will not succeed. Plans are being formulated so that if Rhee persists responsibility for Korea will be left wholly to ROK forces as Rhee suggests with consequent withdrawal of UNC forces. We believe this will be disastrous for Korea but see no alternative to Rhee’s absolute refusal to accept armistice and his threat to withdraw his forces from UNC on a few hours’ notice. Effect of military disaster to ROK in Korea and possible US withdrawal from Korea would doubtless require reconsideration of US–Formosa policy with result not now predictable.3

  1. Drafted by Secretary Dulles.
  2. President of the Republic of Korea Syngman Rhee.
  3. Telegram 1329 from Taipei, June 25, reported that Chiang had been informed of the contents of this telegram and had made no comment, but that Foreign Minister Yeh had informed Jones confidentially that no exchange of views with the Korean Government had taken place on the subject. (795.00/6–2553)