792.5 MSP/12–1853: Telegram

No. 410
The Chargé in Thailand (Parsons) to the Department of State


1246. For Ambassador Donovan. Reference urtel 1199.1 In discussion with General Gillmore and me Kharb explained new request would regroup Thai Army into divisions. Not clear whether request will be for four or three divisions. Gillmore explained Thais have sufficient manpower for three divisions but either request would require action JCS.

Kharb stated present economic situation Thailand leaves Thai Forces more dependent on aid. We explained any additional financial request requires action FOA Director. We also pointed to need for careful scrutiny Thai budget to determine less essential expenditures which could be cut to enable continued support defense effort.

Kharb concluded request necessitates further study and that no hopes transmitting to Washington during your stay. He plans revise request and transmit officially through Foreign Office to Embassy if Cabinet decides upon official action.

  1. Telegram 1199, Dec. 14, was Donovan’s reply to Document 408. It stated that the Thai Government should prepare a proposal within the limitation of established regulations and of Defense approval and that, since Donovan assumed the new proposal could not be completed for several weeks, he was proceeding within the present arrangement. (792.5 MSP/12–1153)