790.5/8–1954: Telegram

The Charge in Cambodia (Goodman) to the Department of State1


73. Prime Minister told me yesterday that with Foreign Minister back at work Cabinet will soon make formal study of Cambodia’s post-Geneva security needs and international relationships, with particular attention to question of desirability make representations for possible membership Southeast Asia security organization. He emphasized his opinion that completely sovereign Cambodia has clear right to associate itself with any international grouping, and Geneva agreement recognized this right within limitations for regional organizations established by UN charter. He said further that before Geneva he had many times told visiting US statesmen of Cambodia’s desire associate in such pact, but freely like any other member and not through intermediary of France or any other nations. This remains sine qua non of possible Cambodian involvement any alliance.2

  1. Sent also to Saigon and repeated for information to Bangkok and Paris.
  2. In telegram 31 to Phnom Penh dated Aug. 24 (repeated for information to Paris and Saigon), the Department replied:

    “We have discussed question of Cambodian relationship to proposed SEATO with Cambodian Ambassador and Nong Kimny is in agreement that it will suffice for Cambodia’s present needs if it be given protection of any collective security pact without formal Cambodian participation in this new organization. Kimny said yesterday he would write PriMin and counsel him that Cambodians should follow policy of being silent partners.” (790.5/8–1954)