357.AB/3–1452: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren) to the Department of State


991. Before leaving for Delhi at 5 a.m. today Graham sent me word late last night that he leaves Karachi with more hope of reaching settlement on quantum of troops to remain in Kashmir than at any time during his visit here. In course yesterday Mahmud Husain gave him a dinner last night with Mohammed Ali and Mins of Agric and Communications present and Gurmani, now Min Interior and police entertained him at luncheon with Mohammed Ali and deputy Min Kashmir Affairs present. Graham also had conversation with Zafrulla yesterday evening when he went to take leave. Jackson, Graham’s asst who was present at all these functions except at call on Zafrulla said atmosphere was much more hopeful and cooperative than it has been.

Graham wanted me to know that he feels Paks are willing to make more concessions on troop quantum subj to his proposals as to what constitutes minimum of safety. Feeling as he does that Nehru will be disposed to agree to installation of the plebiscite administrator once troop handicap is overcome, the prospect looks more hopeful as of today than it has at any time. I am seeing Zafrulla this p.m. and undoubtedly he will want to talk about the prospects of action in the next fortnight. Shld he make any statement to me that might be helpful to Graham, Graham has asked me to send it along to him safehand.

Ref Deptel 887 Mar 111 Graham discussed with me desirability of trying to bring the PM’s together at this time. I agree with him it wld be unwise to attempt it until a specific agenda has been first approved by each of them. In my opinion the time to bring them together is after there is an indication that Graham’s 12 points have been accepted by both sides. Shld Graham encounter unexpected setbacks in Delhi, the decision wld have to be taken there on the desirability [Page 1198] of the Pres making an appeal. Shld that be done the same language wld have to be used towards Pak, otherwise Nehru wld be affronted and any hope of settlement wld disappear.

  1. The same as telegram 1873 to New Delhi, Mar. 11, supra.