110.11/9–1454: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Leopoldville1


Usito 96. Department sees no objection giving publicity usually accorded Secretary’s statements but does not feel it appropriate give any undue emphasis in your area to Secretary’s remarks re self determination or give them any special play inconsistent with present country directives which remain unchanged.

FYI—Note also that while remarks have certain general implications full context refers to Asian peoples and draws distinction between assisting new nations and promoting “processes whereby others become capable winning and sustaining independence they desire”.2

  1. This telegram was also sent as 18 to Accra, 39 to Casablanca, 18 to Lagos, 29 to Nairobi, 11 to Rabat, 35 to Tangier, and 7 to Tunis. This telegram was drafted by John A. Bovey, Jr., of NEA/P; was cleared by AF, EUR, the Bureau of Public Affairs, and USIA; and approved for transmission by Assistant Secretary Byroade.
  2. The quotation is from Secretary Dulles’ statement made before the opening session of the Southeast Asian Conference at Manila on Sept. 6, 1954; for the text, see Department of State Bulletin, Sept. 20, 1954, p. 391.