The Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Mutual Security Affairs (Nolting) to the Director of the Foreign Operations Administration (Stassen)


Dear Mr. Stassen: In November of 1953 the Government of Liberia requested that it be permitted to purchase from the Government [Page 527] of the United States military equipment consisting principally of rifles, rifle ammunition, rifle range supplies, and several trucks.1 Subsequently the Government of Liberia requested that it be allowed to make payment for this military equipment by installments over a three year period as provided for in Section 106, Public Law 665, approved August 26, 1954.

The Department of State is of the opinion that the Liberian Government has a satisfactory record of making payments on loans extended by United States Government lending institutions, that it is financially able to assume an obligation of the below amounts, and that it would comply with the terms of agreement providing for payment of this credit in installments over a three year period.

The Department of Defense has costed the equipment requested at $687,132.55. In addition thereto charges amounting to roughly 9 per cent of this amount for inland United States transportation, port handling, and ocean freight would also be charged in order to meet the Liberian request for delivery of this material at Monrovia.

From a political point of view the Department of State considers the sale of this military equipment to the Liberian Government as highly desirable and recommends the sale on credit terms as requested. The Department of Defense has indicated to the Department of State that it favors the sale inasmuch as it will serve to increase internal security within Liberia. It is therefore requested that the Foreign Operations Administration approve the sale of this equipment total costs of which would be paid for by installments over a three year period.

Sincerely yours,

Frederick E. Nolting, Jr.
  1. Ambassador Simpson submitted this request to the Department on Nov. 3, 1953 (776.5 MSP/11–353), and subsequently on Feb. 9, 1954, Liberia sought permission to procure field and technical manuals. (776.5 MSP/2–954)