775.5 MSP/10–554: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Ethiopia1


98. Joint State–Defense message. Pursuant July talks Ethiopia has now been extended additional grant military assistance not to exceed $5,000,000 under Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement signed May 22, 1953. Embassy should prepare note advising Foreign Office this development pointing out recommendations regarding types and amounts equipment etc. should be worked out with and submitted through MAAG Chief.

Department believes desirable Deressa be person to apprise Emperor this development. Utter will see Deressa at UN this week so Deressa should be able cable Emperor by weekend. Embassy therefore should withhold submission note or otherwise mentioning matter Foreign Office until next week.

  1. This telegram was drafted by Beard (AF) and cleared in the offices of Colonel Hannah (OSD), Dixon (NEA), and Frechtling and Utter (AF).