Editorial Note

On December 11, 1952, Charles A. Sprague, United States Representative to the General Assembly, introduced a joint resolution on the Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea, on behalf of his delegation and those of 12 other states. The resolution noted that the conditions laid down by the United Nations for the Federation had been fulfilled, and the Federation had been established on September 11. It congratulated the people and authorities of the Federation for their fulfillment of the original UN Resolution, 390 (V) of the General Assembly of December 2, 1950. The resolution was approved by the Ad Hoc Political Committee on December 12, and on December 17, it was adopted as UNGA Resolution 617 (VII) by the Seventh Session of the General Assembly.

The text of the resolution is in UN General Assembly, Official Records, Seventh Session, Supplement No. 20 (A/2361), page 9. The text of Sprague’s speech introducing the resolution is in the Department of State Bulletin, December 22, 1952, pages 999–1000. Additional documentation on this topic is in Department of State files 320, 675.77, 775.00, and 777.00.