775.5 MSP/11–352: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Ethiopia1


268. Dept advised informally price list mil equipment (Embtel 353, Nov 3)2 being actively processed and shld be available approx two weeks. Understand certain items required clarification by MA. When completed price list will be presented Ethio Amb here and transmitted simultaneously to MA.

Dept also advised informally JCS comite has recommended JCS approve mil training assistance for Ethio army. Favorable action by JCS and formal notification by Defense to State expected next week.

Utter told Aklilou progress being made on above matters and Aklilou probably informed Emperor. If opportune you may confirm foregoing to Emperor emphasizing final action not yet taken by USG.

Aklilou and Spencer are not yet ready conclude base agreement. We have impression they are stalling until after discussion Eritrea item concluded in UNGA.

  1. This telegram was drafted by Wellons and Beard (AF).
  2. Not printed; it asked if the Department could tell the Embassy when the list of equipment would be ready. (775.5 MSP/11–352)