The Consul at Accra (Cole) to the Prime Minister of the Gold Coast (Nkrumah)1


Dear Dr. Nkrumah: With reference to our conversation the other day2 I am now able to inform you that, as an existing program of plant construction will provide sufficient capacity to meet American needs under foreseeable circumstances within a fairly brief space of time, it is considered unlikely that the United States Government would be interested in establishing any claim on the aluminum eventually to be produced in the Gold Coast.

Moreover, the United States Government does not have under consideration the extension of any grant or loan for use in implementing the Volta River project. As a prerequisite to consideration of the matter it would in any event be necessary for the appropriate agency of the British Government to request such financial assistance on behalf of the Gold Coast, putting forward, of course, detailed proposals relative to the developmental work contemplated. In conclusion, the Department of State has pointed out that no such request has been received.

Yours sincerely,

William E. Cole, Jr.
  1. This letter was an enclosure to despatch 54 of Oct. 23, 1952 from Accra. It discussed in some detail the concession-hunting tactics of Louis E. Detwiler. (811.05145K/10–2352)
  2. Oct. 1.