Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 102: Telegram

No. 960
The Secretary of State to the Department of State1


Secto 7. Following summaries recent conversation Secretary had re Egypt.

General Eisenhower telephoned Secretary Thursday to report conversation with Prince Abdul Moneim, representative of King of Egypt to funeral.2 General said to Prince that difficulties between Egypt and US tragic mistake at time when Western World shld present solid front against Communism. This led to what General described as broad invitation to US Govt to intervene by invitation to Br and Egyptian Govts to get together for talks aimed at solution difficulties. General did not attempt state what US position wld be re matter and reported conversation to Secretary. Secretary has since seen Eisenhower aide and reported to him that he has discussed matter with Eden who was, he felt, hard at work on problem. Secretary asked that General be thanked for information on call as well as his helpful “push”.

Prince Moneim not regarded as person who has special authority or knowledge difficulty with Prime Minister and Cabinet who consider that Br have won victory which shld be taken advantage of and not inclined rush towards settlement. Eden considers highly desirable settle Egyptian problem earliest possible. Eden desires [Page 1765] get regular army and infantry out of Egypt and reconciled to having only technical troops there.

Secretary has needled Eden re Sudan. Eden agreed something must be done. Eden mentioned possibility that Egyptians could send people to Sudan in effort work out agreement with Sudanese which wld prevent impression that British imposing solution on Sudanese. Eden agrees Sudan must be included in some form any agenda for talks between Br and Egypt. Expect talks to begin shortly. Secretary convinced Eden making every effort solve problem but being restrained by cabinet.

  1. Repeated to Cairo as telegram 186.

    At this time, Secretary of State Acheson was in London attending the meetings of the Foreign Ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries. After a 6–day sojourn in London, Feb. 13–19, he then proceeded to Lisbon for another series of Foreign Ministers meetings and to participate in the Ninth Session of the North Atlantic Council. For documentation regarding the Foreign Ministers meetings and the Council sessions, see vol. V, Part 1, pp. 1 ff.

  2. The reference is to the funeral of King George VI.