874.00 TA/2–952: Telegram

No. 959
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Egypt


1234. Ref: Embtel 1296, Feb 9;1 Sec. 511 (b) Mutual Security Act. Egyptian proposal appreciated, although wld be much preferable to insert “promote intl understanding and goodwill, maintain world peace and” before “remove causes for intl tension”. Because of attn drawn by Egypt’s delay, wld be desirable avoid presumably unwarranted implication of reservations re these points. Dept assumes omission inadvertent and that FonMin wld not refuse this. If however you feel further negots wld cause friction you may accept note. However, you shld ack note in fol terms: “the Govt of US understands that the Govt of Egypt, in accordance with its expression [Page 1764] of support of principles of the Charter of the UN, is prepared to coop with the Govt of the US and other peace-loving countries in taking such measures to promote intl understanding and goodwill, maintain world peace, and remove causes for intl tension as wld seem consistent with the principles of the Charter”. Wld be desirable to get confirmation of this, but confirmation may be waived in ur discretion.

Precedent for ack note in above terms established in case of Leb.

  1. Ambassador Caffery informed the Department in telegram 1296, Feb. 9, not printed, that the Egyptian Foreign Minister was prepared to deliver the following letter regarding Section 511 (b) of the Mutual Security Act, if it was acceptable to the United States:

    “Pursuant to our discussions concerning an expanded program of technical assistance under the Point IV, my govt is interested in expanding the programs of technical assistance already initiated in accordance with the general agreement for technical operation, signed May 5, 1951. At the same time, I am pleased to confirm that it is the continuing policy of the Egypt Govt to support the principles of the United Nations Charter, and my govt is prepared to cooperate with the Govt of the United States and other peace-loving countries in taking such measures to remove causes for international tension as would seem consonant with the principles of the Charter.” (874.00 TA/2–952)