684A.85/8–1154: Telegram

No. 859
The Consul at Jerusalem (Cole) to the Department of State1


39. Suggestions thus far received from UNTSO officers re practical steps (Deptel 10, August 6)2 encourage resumption local commanders meetings summarized herewith: (1) If in near future Israel can be persuaded attend MAC meetings UNTSO would be in best position encourage both sides resume local commanders meetings. Otherwise, US Government could presumably approach both Israel and Jordan urging them resume meetings assist in their own interest independently participation MAC.

(2) Following conditions are believed essential success if meetings resumed: (a) UN observers should attend meetings. Owing recent incidents such as Jenin (mytel 36, August 5)3 Jordanians are fearful and doubtless would not appear at meetings without protection afforded by presence UN personnel; (b) Each side should give its local commanders authority control border situations on the spot. Meetings would prove largely futile unless Jordanian members given real power deal immediately with local matters and individual cases.

(3) Following conditions, while perhaps not essential, should be obtained if possible. (a) Participants meetings should be police officials rather than military owing generally more cooperative attitude former; (b) Meetings between opposite numbers should be frequent, in fact almost daily if practicable. Otherwise both sides tend to draw apart and cooperation is soon lost.

(4) Sincerity Dayan’s statements viewed with some scepticism here. It is also recalled that Israelis did not previously view with [Page 1611] favor attendance UN observers at local commanders meetings. However, will continue explore subject and report any suggestions re steps we might take effect resumption.

  1. Repeated to Cairo, Amman, Damascus, Beirut, Tel Aviv, and London.
  2. Printed as telegram 38 to Amman, Document 853.
  3. Not printed.