684A.85/8–654: Telegram

No. 853
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Jordan1


38. During informal talks here Dayan (1) emphasized importance fostering direct contact between officers two parties responsible for border security; (2) asserted prepared reinstitute “local commanders agreements” extending system to Egyptian border provided meetings held between commanders with sufficient authority actually take steps needed preserve tranquility. Dayan reluctantly agreed use of name “local commanders agreement”. He suggested contact might be established first between Israel and Jordan commanders Jerusalem and Israel and Egyptian commanders Gaza strip. Hart recalled statement by Glubb Legion understanding orders enter into such arrangements.

We continue believe contacts between local commanders could contribute significantly avoidance incidents and wish encourage resumption meetings. Request views addressees re practical steps we might take.2

  1. Sent to Cairo as telegram 205, Jerusalem as 10, and Tel Aviv as 67; repeated for information to New York and by pouch to London.
  2. A memorandum of this conversation is in file 674.84A/8–554.