680.84A/11–1452: Telegram

No. 519
The Ambassador in Israel (Davis) to the Department of State


795. Embtels 7761 and 786.2 The Fon Min stated yesterday morning that IG is asking to be made eligible to receive non-reimbursable as well as reimbursable mil aid. He urged an early and favorable decision, saying that Israel is ready to join the US in preparing for any eventuality. He made once more a point which has been made repeatedly by spokesmen of the IG to the effect that mil aid to Israel cld be used to large extent for improvement of transportation and communications facilities such as harbor works, roads and railroads having strategic value.

He said acceptance by Arab countries of Brit offer to supply jet fighters wld result in need by Israel to acquire jet planes. He made it quite clear that Israel does not wish to purchase the Brit planes offered but wld much prefer Amer F–84 made jets. IG wld like to obtain them if possible through non-reimbursable mil aid, but if that not possible then at “nominal price” on reimbursable basis (failing in either of these IG wld request US financial aid for purchase of Brit jets).