262.84A41/3–352: Telegram

No. 408
The Minister in Syria (Cannon) to the Department of State1


493. Acting Fon Min Farra handed me fol note today:

“Syrian Govt has learned question of reparations payment by Western Germany to Israel for Jewish losses during Nazi regime is progressing and that final negots to this end are expected take place soon.

“Min Fon Affairs wishes draw attention to fact that Arab Palestinian refugees whose homes have been demolished and whose property has been confiscated for benefit of Jews who were brought into Palestine are more entitled to these reparations than Israel which is responsible for dispersion of about one million Arab refugees.

“In asking for transfer of these reparations for benefit of Pal refugees, Syrian Govt hopes US Govt will support its viewpoint and use its good efforts for sequestration of such reparations for just and humane purpose referred to above, according to some system to be set up under United Nations supervision or in internatl fund, or through reparation office to be agreed upon”.

Farra asked me to obtain info on status reparations question and US views on sharingout of sums eventually decided on. He said he was handing similar notes to Brit and French Mins but added that since US wld probably bear ultimate burden of any reparations paid by Germany Syria hopes favorable initiative will be forthcoming from US.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Amman, Ankara, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Jidda.